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New Applicants and BreEZe

The Board uses an online platform called BreEZe for all licensing applications, forms, and account maintenance. To prevent errors, it is strongly recommended you use a desktop computer to access BreEZe. For more information, please click the buttons below:

Updated as of 3/4/2024

Application Type Processing Time
Optometrist 1 - 3 weeks
Statement of Licensure Automated in BreEZe
Fictitious Name Permits 1 - 3 weeks
Letter of Verification 1 - 3 weeks

*Please note: Processing times may increase if required items (such as transcripts, background check materials, etc.) are not submitted at the time of initial application. Incomplete applications will generate deficiency letters requiring applications to submit missing documentation. Applicants should respond promptly to avoid delay in processing times.

Current Optometrist Licensees

For Consumers and Patients

Prescription Notice
The United States Federal Trade Commission enforces the Eyeglass Rule and Contact Lens Rule, which give you the right to get a prescription from your eye doctor whether you ask for it or not at no extra charge. Additionally California Business and Professions Code sections 2540 - 2545 detail the information required for a valid prescription.

Registration Search
Ensure that your Optometrist is licensed and in compliance with the regulations governing good practice in patient care.

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